In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the amazing friends I’ve made on here. As many of you know, before I made this account, I had another blog that I had used for two years. Due to some personal problems, I deleted that blog and went without tumblr for about seven months. I was very iffy about coming back, but the amazing people I’ve met since doing so have made it all worth it. These are people who I’m either close to, consider myself to be friends with, or simply mutually follow and love their blog enough to promise to never unfollow. I love you guys, and have a very, very happy holiday season.

Adison BleonaAnne Bryanna Amy

Jordan FeliciaKai


(I know I’m forgetting people sigh i really love you all i promise!)

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    have a wonderful holiday Blair, i love you and i’m so glad i met you!
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